After Uncharted and Tomb Raider, what is the future of the adventure on PS5 and Scarlett?

It was a genre in which the Indiana Jones knew how to emerge as few but in which not even Steven Spielberg was able to silence the voices of other great adventurers who, like Joan Wilder and Jack Colton, Allan Quatermain and Jesse Huston, Rick O’Connell and Evelyn Carnahan or Harry Steele. From The Secret of the Incas to the Last The Mummy starring Tom Cruise , the genre of Adventures in capital letters has made pass through a thousand adventures to ex-soldiers, adventurers, historians, archaeologists and librarians who, either in La Joya del Nilo , The Mines of King Solomon, The Secret of the Incas or their direct heiress, The Lost Ark, have found riches, lost cities, great works of art and even love.

With some pillars that we can dig up roots that sound the names of the first great explorers of history, the videogame world has also known how to pay homage to the genre with a pioneer, Pitfall! , which was soon assured by heroes like Panama Joe -Moctezuma’s Revenge-, the famous British explorer Henry Stanley in his search for the missionary and medical explorer Dr. David Livingstone in the glorious Livingston I suppose 1 and 2 of Opera Soft or, saving the distances one more climate to the Crocodile Dundee, the good one of Bayou Billy that would carry out his own adventures in Nintendo NES.

The arrival of Lara and Nate

The arrival of Lara and Nate

Taking a step back in time and with all my respect towards the Indiana Jones games, the world of adventures undergoes an important evolution with the arrival of Lara Croft and Tomb Raider . The good one of Lara reunites in a single personage all the necessary characteristics of the distribution of the sort, and allows Core Eidos to save itself to the petulant gallant arming to the archaeologist and historian with two pistols that avoid the jokes and the romantic moments in a game that would become in saga.

Lara Croft was Indiana Jones without Harrison Ford and shorts, but left aside an important component of the adventure genre: the shipeo between the protagonists and the ingenious hero-heroine dialogues that were lost between jumping, immersion in icy water and pull to the lever. Here Naughty Dog was ready, things as they are, and in 2008 launched the market Uncharted: The Treasure of the Thief.

With an Uncharted, the adventure genre recovered all the elements of After the Green Heart, The Mines of King Solomon or The Secret of the Incas that the exclusive role of a Lara Croft that was more and more like BatmanHe had left the rest of the junk in the loft. In Uncharted, Nathan Drake had all the pugnacity and quarrelsome of Indiana, Quatermain, Rick O’Connell and Harry Steele, and although he eventually became a good husband and set aside so much weekend flirting, the chemistry between both female and male characters and the extra of glorious characters like the good of Sully, the dangerous Chloe and Nate’s brother, Sam, made the thing come together, the dialogues worked and we thought we had recovered something that did not even we had realized that they had taken us away.

What will happen on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett?

What will happen on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett?

Now that Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley have decided that they will not work in Uncharted again, with the confirmation that Nathan and Elena will continue living their adventures away from the cameras of the gossips and with a Tomb Raider that has already completed all facets of the life of Lara, both before and now and after, remains to know if the genre will resurface or we will have to resign to a new break , a forced hibernation with the occasional presence of a mummy or similar films based that will not meet our expectations

Open is the line for new episodes of Uncharted , yes, without their heads and maybe starred by some Victor Sullivan and Sam Drake that as much as I like they need someone else – Maybe Chloe and Nadine again? – to be interesting It is also open to the brave, if they put, several lines in Tomb Raider, but I hope that Lara learn to stop being so intense and enjoy life , because the pace it takes is for that and more. Will there be new IPs that know how to take control of these monsters of the genre? For now, the attempts to stand up to the two big ones have been unsuccessful, with an aura that not even the three chapters of Adam’s Venture have managed to touch.

For dreaming, I would like to imagine an Uncharted that dares to explore the past by starring Nathan and Sam’s mother, Cassandra, and treasure hunter Evelyn moving the story in the middle of the 20th century, or a Tomb Raider that talks about the Lara’s parents and their adventures . A little less modernity and a closer proximity to the chronological line that gave birth to the genre would undoubtedly be a breath of fresh air for a way of making games that I hope will not be extinguished.

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