Remembering 3D Pokémon Crystal

Today, this may seem like real nonsense. However, at that time, suddenly, the girls had representation in Pokémon . Suddenly, the female characters were not the mothers and the different rivals that we found around the world, but also became the protagonist of the game. In addition, Kris was presented as a real coach , without a design that we could take controversy today: I wore a backpack and dressed in a way very similar to that of the male character. A pity that in the remake of Heart Gold and Soul Silver decided to change the avatar and put Lyra. Although, honestly, if something bad had the remake was the design of both protagonists, so it is not that it was a bad decision just to change Kris.

But there are more things about Crystal Pokémon that we can not forget. If with the article of Pokémon Silver and Pokémon Gold I was talking about the one considered by many the perfect generation , it is clear that Pokémon Crystal can not be anything else, right? Well, that’s right, we are facing the perfect game and I’ll explain why, of course.

Pokémon in motion

Pokémon in motion

A year for a review can go a long way, but arriving with so little time difference, on the other hand, should bring about some significant change. And he brought it. In addition to adding a little more color, with Pokémon Crystal we were facing Pokémon in motion for the first time . Yes, animations arrived in battle , which finally gave something more dynamism to the battles in turn of the saga. Suddenly, it made you more excited to meet with Pokémon in the tall grass because it was moving! And so it was in the later games, until we reach what we have today, which is very good, right? In addition, they also had the animation when we entered the Menu and checked the status of our Pokémon team .

Basically, Cristal focused on adding subtle novelties , such as changes in the texts of the calls or on the radio. We also found a new announcer and a new extra station, which was used to win prizes when we answered your question. There are other details, such as Professor Elm had more furniture (an extra desk, why?). Other details allowed us to see at the bottom of the screen a kind of “ad” with the name of the city in which we entered or the route through which we passed. Changes were even made in the initial Pokémon . The petals of Meganiumthey were different in Pokémon Silver and Gold, and finally they stayed with the redesign of Cristal for the rest of the games. As for Croconaw and Feraligart, they became blue, which has also been maintained.

But history also brings new additions

But history also brings new additions

Although we like the three legendary dogs, it is clear that Suicune is the main character of Pokémon Crystal. Hence, this beauty of hybrid between panther and arctic wolf (it is my favorite of the legendary dogs and probably of all the legendary ones had and for having) took in Cristal an extra story . Even in this game we could get to catch him if need to pursue him when he tries to flee, which he did in Silver and Gold.

The most significant addition to Cristal is the Unown riddle . Now much more complete and more detailed, in his time it was a challenge for the children that we wanted to be Pokémon trainers. Now anyone can look at the solutions on the Internet, huh? How well you live millennials, damn it. In short, but not only do we have this. There is also Celebi , which could be achieved in the Japanese version.

However, this type of revision, unlike that of Ultrasol and Ultraluna, was not completely complete . And, like the previous two, had Pokémon that could not be achieved. And there was the problem: many of them are my favorites. Thus, we did not find the second generation Pokémon Mareep, Flaaffy and Ampharos, Remoraid, Octillery and Girafarig. Nor were Vulpix and Ninetales, Bulbasaur, Ivisaur and Venusaur , Charmander and their evolutions, Squirtle and their evolutions, Omanyte and Omastar, Mankey and Primeape, Kabuto and Kabutops, the legendary birds.

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